Unitech Doors New Canadian National Home Show Ad by Adedge Inc.


Making a grand entrance is what Unitech Doors is all about. And our new campaign advertisement for Unitech takes that statement to a new level as their Trade Show theme and headline for their new ad.

With Unitech Doors the quality is always front and center. Here you will find elegance, durability, style, technology and good old-fashioned value. When it comes to entry door systems no other manufacturer bends the standard like Unitech Doors.

Ensure Your Advertising Flyers Succeed.

In a world overpowered by digital marketing messages, the use of printed media might be thought to be obsolete as an advertising tool for your business. Not so. We look at why printed flyers and the distribution of such can still make a very effective and cost-effective advertising vehicle.

Flyers can be used very effectively as part of your overall business marketing strategy. Printed flyers are not only cost effective, but they provide prospective customers with much information, increase top-of-mind awareness and allow for very targeted marketing of your business, promotions and other offers that can attract customers to do business with you instead of your competitors.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of printed flyers:

Flyers are tangible and even in a technology-consumed society, many people still relate better to something they can touch, read and keep. With flyers, their information is visible, tangible, and most privately – it can be kept and viewed again by a potential customer, which in turn will remind them of your business and its products or services. This way it avoids the general drawback of online advertising – being forgotten as soon as it is scrolled past on-screen. Printed flyers, on the other hand, often gets pinned to the fridge or kept in a handbag to be kept and retrieved when your potential customer needs your product.
The distribution of printed flyers can be targeted, refined and administered precisely where you choose. Targeting your market audience, geographically or demographically, will increase the return on your investment. Beware of blanket distribution – it can turn out to only be a waste of time, money and resources – no matter what some marketing ‘experts’ will tell you.
Considering the aforementioned, let’s look at a few pointers that are key to keep in mind before you market with printed flyers:

Keep it Concise
People are already overwhelmed with information from every direction and platform. A flyer should contain all the pertinent information about a business, but communicate the message as succinctly as possible. A clear, although comprehensive flyer will attract prospective customers’ attention, inform them about your business, its product or services, special offers and how they can contact you.

Size Counts
Advertising flyers are most effective in postcard form. Consider where your flyer will end up. On a fridge or a notice board? On the car’s dashboard or in a wallet? Your flyers need to be the right size – small enough not to be inconvenient, but large enough not to be misplaced or lost.

Contact is Crucialadedge_ad_agency_toronto
Ensuring your contact details is correct and easily visible is very important. Your business telephone numbers, physical address and email addresses should all be included. Avoid the frequent mistake of letting your contact information get lost – ensure that your future customers can easily locate your contact details when they wish to get in touch with you.

The Power of Appearance
Your flyer design should be considered with care. A flyer is, in essence, an advertisement, and may be the first impression of your business, service or product for many customers. The design should be attention-grabbing, colorful and interesting, but always keep it simple and elegant and neat. Also, keep the colors, layout and theme in line with the branding of your business not to confuse customers and make recognition of your business easier.

Proper Printing is Essential
Decent printed flyers add significantly to the impression your business will make on future customers. Never cut corners when printing flyers – using the office laser printer will not suffice. The quality if your marketing material will determine the quality of your customers, as this will affect how your business is perceived. Utilize the experience and expertise of a high caliber printing company. Ensure that your flyers are printed on good quality paper and always print in full color. Make sure your flyer combines attractive design, relevant and expertly written content, as well as overall high-quality materials. Your aim is to achieve a final product that will impress, drive customers to your door or your website and give you a satisfactory return on your investment.

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What Does a Digital Marketing Company do?

Digital marketing is a new and evolving way of marketing your company’s brand, products or services.
Online marketing channels include display advertising, search engine advertising, mobile, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and lots more.
However, digital marketing can also include SMS/ text marketing, outdoor digital display, banner advertising, digital point of sale display, etc.

The opportunities created by new technologies have led to the growth of the new digital sector within marketing. When digital was just getting started, the various pieces of the digital puzzle would have been served up as stand-alone offerings. However, these days, digital marketing companies often offer all the services that you’ll require to put in place your entire digital strategy and implement it.
The growth of digital marketing can be attributed to some of the unique benefits that it presents and the lower cost of entry associated with certain elements of digital marketing.

Here are 5 of the things that digital marketing does really well and often much better than other marketing channels.

1. Cost
Online marketing is inexpensive in comparison to traditional channels such as TV, radio, print, outdoor, etc. Firstly, the economic barriers to entry are far less significant than is the case with traditional channels. Secondly, digital offers pricing structures that are not available offline, such as cost per click or cost per acquisition, both of which are associated with better control of investment and in many cases, better return.

2. Measurability
Digital marketing is fully measurable. You can track your investment by using metrics such as views, clicks, time viewing, actions performed, conversions, etc. And you don’t have to wait around to see these results; one of the most attractive aspects of investing in digital marketing is that you can see results in almost real time, which helps you to know when to push harder and when to pull back.

3. Speed
Companies can activate digital marketing campaigns in a matter of hours; giving them the opportunity to put in place offers or increase sales during times of low business. In most cases you will never have to deal or negotiate with 3rd party suppliers.

4. Targeting
In the majority of cases, digital marketing allows you to target by country, searches, social media preferences, people who have clicked on an advert before (cookie laws are changing) and now by the use of Geo location or smart phone targeting. This allows marketers to target their ideal audiences like never before and thus, minimize costs associated with customer acquisition, which means better margins and celebrations all ‘round.

5. Ability to engage
No other medium allows for the level of engagement that digital marketing channels provide. Not only can companies target audiences cheaply, quickly and measurably, they can also offer consumers an opportunity to engage with that company or brand.

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New Unichairs website designed by Adedge Inc.

Since 1995 Unichairs has offered on extensive collection of hospitality furniture & seating in both contemporary and classic designs, styled and manufactured specifically for the contract market offering unique designs along with comfort, quality and most importantly durability. All of our products ore mode from quality materials and finished in-house by on experienced team of craftspeople taking extra pride in orders large and small.

Unichairs holds thousands of choirs and baunichairs1

unichirs2unichairs1rstools in stock at all times. Our selection of styles ore specified for hotels, resorts, restaurants, casinos, and nightclubs worldwide and con be customized with your choice of stain finish and upholstery. Our manufacturing facilities host a full service wood finishing line with high-tech, state of the art staining and lacquering, our assembly, finishing and upholstery is carried out to the highest specifications. Your choices ore not limited as we con also Unichairs Inc – A legacy of Quality, Value, Durability and Service

Save Unichairs as one of your favorite websites for sourcing hospitality furnishings!

Piero Greco Goalie School Website Launch – By Adedge Inc.

piero greco goalie school


In todays game, Piero teaches a lot of modern day goaltending consisting of proper butterfly technique, rebound control, recoveries, and good agility.

A strong point in today’s game a goalie must learn to maintain proper composure and remain patient at all times.

Piero is the current goalie coach to the Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League and is consulted by many NHL, NCAA, OHL, OPJHL teams. Many NHL agents and scouts consult with him to find out who’s up and coming and who is on his radar screen. The Pro’s turn to Piero because they know the dedication, hard work and work ethics he expects and gets out of his goalies.